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Keiko Agena is an actress based in Los Angeles who has recently recurred on such shows as Dirty John, Better Call Saul, 13 Reasons Why, Colony, Here and Now, Sweet/Vicious, Shameless and Scandal. She was also a series regular on the iconic show Gilmore Girls where she played Lane Kim for the full seven seasons and reprised the role in 2016. In film she has worked with Frances McDormand on Transformers: Dark of the Moon and next year she will appear in The Never List. She is also the Co-Producer of the popular Podcast Drunk Monk and the live UCB show Asian AF both with Will Choi. Agena recently launched a book called No Mistakes that is available wherever books are sold.

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I wrote a book. You can Order on Amazon.


An inspiring creative journal based on mindfulness practices and the “no mistakes” principles of improv, by a Gilmore Girls alum.

What if there were no mistakes? OK, that’s impossible–but what if you learned to view your mistakes in a whole new light?

In this inspiring workbook, artist and former Gilmore Girls actress Keiko Agena guides you through simple exercises based on one of the founding ideas of improv: Any misstep is an opportunity for growth and creativity. Interspersed with coloring pages and original artwork by Agena, each exercise teaches you to confront your emotions, rethink your art, and take mindful breaks to recharge in her own playful, encourgaging voice:
*  Describe a success you had, and identify the skills you learned to get you there.
*  Look at an old piece of art that you’re not proud of. What works, and how could you rework what doesn’t?
*  What actions can you take today to feed or rest your artistic impulse?

No Mistakes is a supportive space for amateurs, professional creatives, and everyone in between to test their boundaries, get to know their inner artist, and produce unique, meaningful work they feel proud of.

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Photo Credit: Rebecca Aranda ASIAN AF is the first Asian American variety show at the UCB Theatre. After the incredible success of “Scarlett Johansson Presents” (the first Asian American improv show at the UCB Theatre) in the UCB Inner Sanctum, the UCB Theatre gave Will Choi & Mike Lane a new show to showcase more comedic Asian American talent in LA. Every show has sold out! Asian AF regularly features improv team VOLTRON: The UCB Superteam, along with many other Asian American actors, stand-up comedians, improvisers, sketch performers, musicians, dancers, & storytellers. The show has been featured on several news sites such as NBC News, ABC News, LA Times, LA Weekly, ATTN, and many more. Previous guests include Margaret Cho, Sheng Wang, Kulap Vilaysack, Amy Hill, Lewis Tan, Lilan Bowden, and Eugene Cordero. The show is hosted by Will Choi & Keiko Agena.

IMPROV: RJP Renegade Justice Patrol10991491_725057364278948_1253076756101920574_o

Renegade Justice Patrol is an improv troupe comprised of Curtis SpiliotisHershey WinglerJustin Vasquez, Keiko Agena, Rex Howell and Will Choi and is coached by Dave Hill.  Formed after the aptly named Summer Intensive training at iO West, RJP performs different styles but most consistently executes a location based improv show. See RJP the 2nd Fridays of the Month at iO West 11pm MAINSTAGE.

IMPROV: Ham Radioimg_0003.jpg

Ham Radio is an improv troupe based in Los Angeles.  We are Tilt Tyree, Diona Reasonover and Keiko Agena.  Created in 2012, Ham Radio performs regularly around the city and often at iO West.

IMPROV: UCB MESS-HALL-MASHUP-TEAM: KILOWATT11018522_10153033516256375_3862731247623365119_n.jpg

Kiowatt was formed out of the Scarlett Johansson Presents Series out of UCB.  They have performed at UCB Sunset, Inner Sanctum and the DCM in New York.


FullSizeRender 9Keiko’s ETSY SHOP  is open. Artwork is all SOLD OUT. However… you can favorite my shop and be notified when new items arrive!


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My “25 Random Things” list from my Facebook Notes Page (early 2009).

Yes.. I know this was a long time ago… no. I’m not going to update it. I feel that it ages well… like cheese.

1. I didn’t have a true “girlfriend” until I was 26.
2. As a child, ½ of my meals were fast food. McDonalds and Pizza Hut primarily.
3. For six months I wrote exclusively with my left hand. (I’m right handed).
4. I’ve read the NIV study Bible cover to cover.
5. I was voted “Miss Photogenic” in a teen age beauty pageant in Hawaii.
6. At separate times I’ve eaten an Equal packet, cubes of white sugar, cubes of brown sugar, and a Splenda packet, just for the taste of something sweet.
7. I wrote a song called, “Lying, Cheating, Fake Rat Bastard”
8. I’ve played D&D twice in my life.
9. I give some of the voices in my head names.
10. I actually like folding laundry.
11. There’s a professional massage table in my bedroom.
12. I sometimes have anxiety attacks when I am faced with too many choices like at Bed Bath and Beyond, or Staples.
13. I’ve never burned a music CD.
14. I love Monk.
15. I’ve been completely bald before. Shaved my eyebrows too.
16. I once brought instant mashed potatoes to a Thanksgiving dinner.
17. I like to be in bed by 11:30pm.
18. I got engaged after one month of dating.
19. When I went sky diving, I didn’t open my eyes until I was five feet off the ground.
20. At the beach, I like to dig a hole in the sand deep enough so that there’s water in the bottom.
21. I’ve slept in a church entryway and a stadium parking lot.
22. I once threw away half a red velvet cake because I was afraid I would eat it all.
23. I’m afraid of dying, dying by brutal murder, being abused in an old folk’s home, and my family members being kidnapped and held for ransom.
24. Billy Joel is my inspiration of choice at the Karaoke bar.
25. I’ve forgotten what milk tastes like.



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